Lovely Silk Harem (ラブリーシルクハレム Raburī shiruku haremu) is a manga series written and illustrated by Jomei Kohitsuji. The story revolves around Poo Junjie Hun, the Crown Prince of Dalaam, as he tries to find a wife before he reaches marriageable age.

Lovely Silk Harem: Sexy Hell (ラブリーシルクハレム:セクシーな地獄 Raburī Shiruku Haremu: Sekushīna Jigoku), the first manga in the series, was serialized in Shonen Ace from 2005 to 2010. Poo is a 14 year-old amnesiac boy who finds himself waking up in the Palace of Dalaam where is he declared to be the Crown Prince. Since Poo is getting close to marriageable age, his father gets his son a harem. However, Poo is unable to pick one to be his wife.

Lovely Silk Harem: Quince Blossom (ラブリーシルクハレム:ボケ属の花 Raburī Shiruku Haremu: Boke Zoku No Hana), the second manga in the series, was serialized in Shonen Ace from 2010 to 2016. Taking place two years after the first manga, Poo is no longer interested in his harem and returns to training and ruling Dalaam alongside his mother. While he seems uninterested in women, he fancies his childhood friend, Xin Liang.

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